Ibogaine Therapy: Is It Right For You?

When you have a serious drug addiction, what matters most to you is this: finding relief from your symptoms. There is no actual cure for drug addiction, but you can manage cravings and make life much easier by doing what you can to treat your addiction. One of the ways to do this appears strange at first, but can actually be very good for you in helping make your addiction less severe and more manageable: ibogaine therapy. Read More 

What If Your Child Is Suicidal?

If you have a child or teenager in your home, you likely think about his or her physical wellbeing every day. Of course, your child's emotional and mental wellbeing may be just as important to you. All too many parents begin to see the signs of suicidal risk in their young children, and it can be frightening. If you believe that your child or young adult may be at risk for suicide, you need to learn about the risks. Read More