Ibogaine Therapy: Is It Right For You?

When you have a serious drug addiction, what matters most to you is this: finding relief from your symptoms. There is no actual cure for drug addiction, but you can manage cravings and make life much easier by doing what you can to treat your addiction. One of the ways to do this appears strange at first, but can actually be very good for you in helping make your addiction less severe and more manageable: ibogaine therapy.

Ibogaine is a naturally-occurring substance that causes a person to hallucinate and have dissociative behaviors and feelings when taken, but this drug is often used in therapies to help people reduce their addiction symptoms. Is ibogaine therapy for you? Use this guide to assist you.

You have tried other therapies before

Have you tried other drug and addiction therapies before and had little to no luck or success? If you struggle with your drug addiction to the point where no other solution seems to be available to you, then it's best to give ibogaine therapy a try. Success rates with this type of therapy to treat drug addiction vary, but if you have severe drug withdrawals or complications quitting using drugs, then ibogaine treatment can be right for you.

You are addicted to very addictive drugs

Ibogaine therapy is often prescribed to patients who suffer from heavier drug addiction, such as an addiction to meth or cocaine. If you have a heavier drug addiction that is harder to quit, then talk to your drug counselor about adding ibogaine therapy to your list of therapies. While you should not simply trade one drug for another, the hallucinogenic effects of taking ibogaine can help make getting away from harder drugs easier, and make withdrawal less uncomfortable.

You should only undergo ibogaine therapy under the watchful care of a specialist who can monitor you when you take your doses and help you with the emotional toll of drug addiction and withdrawal symptoms. Simply changing from a harder, illegal substance to a therapy treatment is not enough; many patients become part of both an ibogaine therapy program and another counseling or cognitive thinking program.

You should speak to your general doctor if you are worried about being an addict, or if you are currently addicted to illegal substances and wish to stop. While ibogaine therapy and treatments may not be for everyone, they may be able to help you and can make your addiction easier to manage and overcome.

For more information, contact a clinic that offers ibogaine therapy.