Broken Vows: How Couples Therapy Can Help Your Marriage Survive An Affair

Experiencing infidelity in a marriage can be devasting but it does not always mean the marriage will end in divorce. Many couples have survived an affair, but it requires both couples to commit to working on the marriage relationship. Couples therapy can be helpful when you are trying to repair a marriage relationship where infidelity has occurred. Making a commitment   The first step partners need to determine is if they want to save their marriage. Read More 

Things You Can Expect To Discuss During A Psychological Assessment

If you have been ordered to take a psychological assessment or you are seeking treatment on your own, you might find yourself wondering just what it is you can expect to have to discuss. Those who have never been through such an assessment or who have but it has been a long time will want to read through the following: Your Current List Of Medications This is very important so you want to make a list of the names, dosage amounts, and how often you take the medication. Read More 

3 Reasons Online Counseling Is Usually An Incredible Option For You

You definitely expect your life to be more enjoyable and perhaps achieve all you ever desired. However, a time comes when you face difficult situations and don't know what to do. In this case, you definitely need someone to share your worries or problems with or talk to. You may decide to share your issues with a colleague or relative, but they may not help you as much. For this reason, you should consider talking to a counselor because professional counseling is more effective. Read More 

A Drug Assessment Is Crucial To Your Recovery: Here’s Why

If someone you love fears you have a dependency on drugs, they may file a motion to have you court-ordered to take a drug assessment. While this may feel daunting and put a lot of pressure on you at first, the reality is that there is no way around getting a drug assessment if one has been ordered by a judge. Failure to have a drug assessment done may lead to you being in contempt of court and can lead to court fines or even jail time. Read More 

3 Core Themes In Gender-Affirming Therapy

A person's sex refers to the biological composition of the body. Gender is the sex that the person identifies with most. In situations where there is a discrepancy between a person's sex and gender, a myriad of social problems can arise. It's important that people experiencing this type of existence speak regularly with a gender-affirming therapist. Gender-affirming therapy focuses on several core themes that are designed to help affirm who a patient is and what their gender may be. Read More