What To Expect If You Are Referred To A Psychological Evaluation

There are many reasons your health care professional may recommend you undergo a psychological evaluation. It may be part of a complete workup, which consists of a physical and mental evaluation to determine what is causing a specific problem or to determine if you are suffering from depression or another mental disorder. Understanding what to expect during your evaluation will help to put your mind at ease about the process. Read More 

Broken Vows: How Couples Therapy Can Help Your Marriage Survive An Affair

Experiencing infidelity in a marriage can be devasting but it does not always mean the marriage will end in divorce. Many couples have survived an affair, but it requires both couples to commit to working on the marriage relationship. Couples therapy can be helpful when you are trying to repair a marriage relationship where infidelity has occurred. Making a commitment   The first step partners need to determine is if they want to save their marriage. Read More 

Things You Can Expect To Discuss During A Psychological Assessment

If you have been ordered to take a psychological assessment or you are seeking treatment on your own, you might find yourself wondering just what it is you can expect to have to discuss. Those who have never been through such an assessment or who have but it has been a long time will want to read through the following: Your Current List Of Medications This is very important so you want to make a list of the names, dosage amounts, and how often you take the medication. Read More