Why Isolation Is So Harmful For People Who Suffer From Anxiety And Depression

One of the natural responses people have when they feel anxious and depressed is to isolate themselves. Sitting at home all alone sulking around seems to be a good solution when you feel this way, but isolating yourself is actually one of the worst choices you could make when you suffer from anxiety and depression. Here are several things you should know about this. Why do people isolate themselves? Depression is something that often causes people to isolate themselves, and this is often because people who are depressed do not feel like interacting with others. Read More 

Disulfiram Interactions Reach Past Alcoholic Drinks

If you have a family member who has been given a prescription for disulfiram, you know that person has to avoid alcoholic drinks, and you likely know he or she needs to avoid foods containing alcohol as well, like wine sauces. However, the list of products to avoid is actually much larger. As a family member who isn't taking the medication, it's very easy for you to gloss over what the other person can or can't use. Read More