A Drug Assessment Is Crucial To Your Recovery: Here’s Why

If someone you love fears you have a dependency on drugs, they may file a motion to have you court-ordered to take a drug assessment. While this may feel daunting and put a lot of pressure on you at first, the reality is that there is no way around getting a drug assessment if one has been ordered by a judge. Failure to have a drug assessment done may lead to you being in contempt of court and can lead to court fines or even jail time.

A drug assessment is crucial to your recovery, so be grateful someone cares enough and that the court system is gracious enough to allow you the assessment so you can get the help you need. Remember: an assessment is used to determine what your dependency on drugs is and can also be used in conjunction with an alcohol assessment. The findings of your assessment will determine many things, including what treatments and counseling you may be eligible for receiving.

A drug assessment is a reality check

No one is assigned to get a drug assessment check done if they don't either have a history of drug use or have an issue with the law. For example, a drug assessment may only be ordered by a judge if you are going to court for a DUI or related charge. An assessment for drugs may also be done if you are undergoing a custody case with children involved or have had issues with drugs or alcohol in the past along with mental health issues.

A drug assessment can be a reality check to show you how much you really do depend on drugs to get by. This assessment and its findings can be used to help you get into a proper inpatient or outpatient treatment program.

A drug assessment gets you custom care

Your drug assessment can be given to you as part of an intake session when you check into a court-ordered rehab center or as a rider in a jail sentence. The assessment can specifically list any mental health issues you have, along with other issues, to give you the custom care you need. The more specific and honest you are during your drug assessment, the more accurate your results can be. This can lead you to greater health and can be the thing you need to get you on the road to the healthiest recovery possible.

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