Goals Of Taking Therapy After A Fatal Snowmobile Accident

Snowmobiling is a fun winter activity, but it's also one that can be dangerous. If you were recently riding with a friend and there was a fatal incident that took the life of your friend — for example, an accident with a car, hitting a tree, or falling through the ice on a lake or river — you'll have experienced a major trauma that can turn your world upside down. You should try to seek out a therapist who specializes in trauma therapy. It may take you several sessions, depending on how upset you are, but this mental health professional can begin to help you move through this incident. Here are some goals that you might want to set.

Stop Blaming Yourself

One of the difficult things about your situation is that you may have survivor's guilt, or otherwise heavily blame yourself for your friend's death on a snowmobile. For example, if you were the one who initiated the outing, suggested the route, or even got your friend interested in riding a snowmobile years ago, you may be so upset by the trauma that you've gone through that you feel were it not for you, your friend would still be alive. Your therapist can help you to understand that you did not cause this unfortunate incident, which can help you to lift the blame on yourself.

Connect With The Family

You may be so upset and full of guilt about this incident that you pull away from the surviving family members of your friend. Many people behave in this withdrawn manner after traumas, and it's problematic. For example, you choosing to pull away means that you aren't getting support from the family, and they aren't getting support from you. Everyone can benefit from pulling together at this difficult time, and you'll ideally be able to face the family because of your therapy.

Ride Your Snowmobile Again

The death of your friend on his or her snowmobile may initially convince you that you're never going to ride again. You might be ready to sell your snowmobile and all of your gear, and begin to look for a new winter hobby. However, if you've been a snowmobile enthusiast for a long time, you might only be reacting this way because of the trauma that you've been through. If you feel as though you'd one day like to get back on your snowmobile, but you are perhaps tentative about doing so for any reason, trauma therapy can help you.

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