Improve Your Quality Of Life With Mindfulness

Therapists and practitioners are encouraging their clients to practice mindfulness in their daily lives. Mindfulness can reduce anxiety, prevent panic attacks, and foster an improved sense of well-being in many individuals. Practicing mindful exercises can make it easier to adapt to stressful circumstances while also giving you a new appreciation for everyday life.

Some ways that you can improve your life and live mindfully include:

Start the day with meditation.

Quieting the mind can help you gain focus and clarity, while often leaving you feeling refreshed after. It takes practice to shut-out the distractions, noise, and disturbances of everyday life, which is why it makes most sense to meditate early in the morning, before the day begins and when most others are often still sleeping.

Take notice of the little things.

Begin to take a mental inventory of the things around you: your home, a pretty flower, your bed, a pet, your belongings, and other things that turn up during your day. Make time to look at the sunset, and take a moment to really taste your food. These experiences will help instill an attitude of gratitude, which is another element of living mindfully.  

Be in the moment.

So often people don't take time to observe and appreciate what is happening right now, as they are focused on what happened yesterday or what might happen tomorrow. Try to thwart worrying and lamenting over what has been or could be; start putting your energy and focus into what is occurring at this very moment. This will help you get the most out of each and every day, and will open you up to a host of fulfilling and enriching experiences.

Spend time enjoying sensory experiences.

Treat yourself to a little time exploring and enjoying sensory experiences. Buy a super-fuzzy blanket to curl up with at night, or brew yourself a cup of special herbal tea each night. Hang pictures on the wall of things you enjoy looking at, and scenes that inspire you; this is part of living mindfully.

Treat yourself gently.

Another aspect of mindfulness is self-care and learning to treat yourself gently. This includes not beating yourself up over things you have no control over, such as the past, as well as the things that you fuel your body with. Make an effort to eat healthfully, drink plenty of water, and get lots of rest; pay attention to these things and be mindful to take good care of yourself.

Talk with your doctor or therapist regarding simple mindfulness exercises that you may use to develop this as a positive coping strategy for times of stress. Even if you do not experience anxiety, mindful living can improve the quality of your life and give you an added appreciation for things that you may have previously overlooked. Contact a doctor, such as Caroline B. Goldberg, LCSW, LLC , for more information.