Can ADHD Coaching Help Your Child?

When you have a child who is diagnosed with ADHD, you know that every day is its own adventure. Your child can be full of energy one minute, sullen and frustrated the next, and always at a battle with their mind when it comes to focusing and completing projects. It doesn't matter how old your child is, dealing with ADHD can be difficult on everyone. While medication can help your child manage their symptoms, ADHD coaching can be a beneficial tool as well. While coaching may not be right for everyone, it may work out well for your child. Here are signs that ADHD coaching can be beneficial to your child and what coaching entails.

What ADHD coaching is

ADHD coaching is specialized therapy designed around helping the patient understand their symptoms and how to combat them. A coach can appear similar to a therapist, but coaching revolves around using strategies, structure, and certain skills to work with their affliction in positive ways. Your child may benefit from ADHD coaching if they have expressed an interest in having greater control of their life or are successfully using treatment methods already.

You've tried other management methods

ADHD coaching works well with patients who already have an understanding of their symptoms and have a general idea of how well their current coping management techniques are working for them. Management methods include:

  • exercise or sports activities
  • medication and/or therapy
  • daily repetition with tasks
  • enjoyed hobbies

If your child has been diagnosed with ADHD long enough for you to understand what management techniques are currently working for them, then adding coaching into their regimen can prove to be beneficial. If your child hasn't been diagnosed for very long, you may want to give current techniques a try for a while until you know for sure what is working.

Your child wants an ADHD coach

The purpose of ADHD coaching is to help a patient have greater control of how their mind works and allow them to lead a happier, more focused lifestyle. Part of what makes coaching successful is a desire to be part of the program. Your child may be showing signs they would be interested in an ADHD coach if they:

  • ask about therapy or group counseling
  • express frustration in not being understood by their doctor
  • want to feel better about themselves without medication

To prepare your child for an ADHD coach, sit down with them and explain that there is more to an ADHD coaching session than just talking to someone who "gets" them. Your child needs to know that they will have exercises and responsibilities that their coach will expect them to complete in order to progress in the program and show their desire to be there. Have your child meet with a few ADHD coaches until they find one that they feel comfortable with.

Your child may benefit greatly from ADHD coaching, but only if they are truly ready. Signs your child can be helped by this type of coaching all lies in how long they have been diagnosed and what they are willing to do to find relief.

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