Don’t Let The Stigma Stop You: How To Get The Mental Health Treatment You Need

If you suffer from mental illness, you're not alone. Approximately one in five US adults have some form of mental illness. Unfortunately, many of those adults avoid getting the help they need. Often that avoidance stems from fear. Specifically, they're afraid of the stigma that's attached to mental illness treatment. If you're one of those adults, it's time to take action. There are ways to overcome the stigma that's keeping you from getting the help you need. Read More 

Adult Therapy Treatment: Coping With COVID-19 Complications

The COVID-19 crisis has been an unprecedented global disruptor. If you're struggling to deal with COVID-19 complications, adult therapy treatment can help you manage your symptoms and develop healthy coping mechanisms. Here are some of the ways that adult therapy can help you grapple with COVID-19 related mental health challenges. The Long Haul As public health experts learn more about COVID-19, it's clear that the virus can have a lasting impact on physical, emotional, and mental health. Read More