Struggling With Bipolar Disorder In A Rural Area? Tips For You

When you have bipolar disorder, your moods may seem like they are never stable. You either feel up or down (or sometimes both at once), but you rarely feel as if you fall into an "in-between" mood or have any sense of stability. This mental health disorder can be difficult to manage even in the best of circumstances. However, if you live in a rural area, it can feel even more difficult. Read More 

Individual Counseling Offers Focused Help For Your Problems

While group therapy and couples counseling have their beneficial uses, when you want focused attention, then individual counseling may suit your needs better. The focus stays on you and your problems the entire counseling session so you make progress toward the goals you have set for your recovery from depression, anxiety, or other life problem. Here are some options available in individual counseling. Talk Therapy Sometimes, talking to a trained counselor does the most good. Read More 

What Makes A Marriage A Healthy One?

Marriages never are perfect. They are not perfect because people are not perfect. You cannot expect your own marriage to run smoothly for years; that is not a reasonable expectation. It is something to hope for, even shoot for, but ultimately, people change and your marriage needs to change along with the changes in yourself and your spouse if you hope to survive together. So, what can help make your marriage a happy, healthy one? Read More